Mrs Janet Williams (Smith)
30th October 1949 TO 3rd June 2006

1st July 2006
This will take some time over the next few weeks I will continue to build on my beloved Jan's life story.
She was born on the 30th October 1949 to Glyn and Marion Smith of LLangynwyd Maesteg South Wales. She attended the local school and had a loving childhood she had a Brother Alan some three years her senior.
At the age of sixteen Jan started nursing as a cadet nurse at Glanrhyd Psychiactric Hospital Bridend a job that she revelled in.
I first met Jan in the nurses dining room on my first day also as a cadet nurse, I remember turning to a friend of mine and said I am going to marry her someday. A few months passed by and after being stood up on a number of occasions Jan finally agreed to go out with me. Over the next few months we continued to see each other and we sooon fell in love. In April 1969 I proposed to her and she agreed to marry me, I was over the moon to say the least for me it was love at first sight with so much to look forward to. On the 28th March 1970 we were married at the local church we were so much in love even in the early days we were inseperable prefering each others company than going out with friends. Over the next few years we built on the love we had for each other taking the odd holiday when funds would allow it.
It was five years before we had our first child Victoria (Toria) quickly followed By Elizabeth (Libbie)and then Samantha (sammy) Jan was a loving and caring mother when times were tough she would go without so the girls could have what they needed, her girls meant eeverything to her she loved them with a passion and they loved her back.
Jan was gentle and kind one of life's true angels on earth she would never bad mouth anybody and never saw anyone in a bad light.
Jan loved craft's she enjoyed any form of needlework she loved doing puzzles, jigsaws, reading but one of her greatest passions was to hitch up the caravan and head for the open road, she always said that when we retire she would love us to buy a motor caravan and spend the summers abroad going from country to country grape picking or whatever was on offer at the time (sadly she never realised her dream).
jan spent part of her life as a mother bringing up the girls but the time came when she secured a job which meant as well as living together we were to work together as well. Jan was a Funeral receptionist and I was the Funeral director, on starting our new roles it was within six months when we were offered our own Funeral home within the company.

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