Mr Babe Ruth
6th February 1885 To 16th August 1948
George Hedman Ruth Jr was born on February 6 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the eldest of eight children. Unfortunately only George and one sister survived childhood. George's mother and father worked in the bars of Baltimore and it was not long before they opened their own bar. This meant little time was spent raising their son and on June 13 1902, young George was placed in the care of the Jesuit Missionaries who ran a school for boys called St Mary's. Baseball here was a popular form of recreation for the boys and George displayed his potential at a very young age. By his late teens he had developed into a Major League Baseball prospect. On February 27 1914, he signed his professional contract with Jack Dunn, manager of the Baltimore Orioles. Because George's father had signed over custody of the boy to St Mary's, Jack became his legal guardian. It was from him that George gained his "Babe" nickname. Five months after Babe signed to the Orioles he was sold to the Boston Red Sox. In Boston he met a young waitress, he and Helen married on October 17 1914. Together they bought a house in Boston. His career had really taken off, and in 1919 he was sold to the New York Yankees. But Helen did not like living in New York and she quite often stayed in their Boston home. In 1921 they adopted a daughter, but just eight years later, while their daughter was at boarding school, Helen died in a fire. In April 1929 Babe married for the second time, his new wife Clair also had a daughter, and the following October, the couple legally adopted each other's daughters. 1934 was the last year Babe played for the Yankees. Babe was forty years old when he announced his retirement in 1935. But he did not sit around and wait for things to come to him, because of his childhood he did much for children, and he had a natural affinity with them. He genuinely loved them, and made countless visits to hospitals, orphanages, and schools. He was never ashamed of his upbringing and when his career was established, did much to help his old school. On February 2 1936 he became a charter member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Babe was a professional baseball player but loved all sport. He had a passion for hunting, fishing, bowling and boxing. But his true love was golf, a game he played more and more now he had time on his hands. But in 1946 Babe was diagnosed with cancer, he tried all the treatments that were available at the time, but the disease could not be stopped. On August 16 1948, Babe Ruth lost his last courageous battle. His body lay in state at the Yankees Stadium for two days. Hundreds of thousands of people stood in line to pay their respects before he was buried in New York.
Never afraid to show how much you cared, your actions came from the heart. Every child's best friend, because you knew they needed a best friend. A man who gave so much to those with nothing.
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