Titch James
July 1990 To 21st May 2005
  Hey bubs I haven't left a message for ages so i thought it was about time i did. We still miss you every day & i still speak to you every morning, evening & when i have to move your bed to get into the cupboard (sad i know). I know you've been playing hide & seek with Buster & that makes me happy. I hope you're happy where you are bubs. I never thought that you could be happy without me (that's very selfish of me isn't it) but i guess we all have to do what we can to move on. I miss you most when we go for our walks & when i come back to the house after being out - you were always the first one to greet me. You had the power to know when i was coming back even if you couldn't see me & you helped me through so many hard times. I'm so glad you came into my life & stayed with me for nearly fifteen years - for that i will always feel loved. Come visit again soon. Lots of love mum & Buster. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  Tribute by Mandy
3rd September 2006

  Hi widgy. Well it's been a year since you left & i still miss you every day. We took Buster to your beach today & it poured with rain all day, but that didn't stop us as it was raining in my heart anyway! I hope you came with us & had a nice time with buster in the sea & on the sand - he certainly did. I hope you're still around & would love to cuddle up to you tonight! Come & see us real soon baby. Love & miss you bucket loads. Mum & Buster. xxxxxx
  Tribute by Mandy James
21st May 2006

  Hi Widgy. It's hard to believe that in just over a week it'll be the first anniversay of your passing. It doesn't seem possible that you've been gone that long. I don't feel your presence as strongly as i used to, i miss feeling you getting into bed with me & i haven't felt that happen since Buster came home from his surgery. Thank you for looking out for us during that agonising time & thank you for making sure that your "gangan" didn't leave us. We miss you so much baby & your anniversary will be hell, so i've decided to take Buster to your beach at Bembridge for the day & i hope you'll join us. Come & snuggle up with me sometime. Till 21st May then. Love you bubs & miss you heaps & heaps. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Tribute by Mandy James
12th May 2006

  If tears could build a stairway And memories a lane I'd walk straight up to heaven And bring you home again
  Tribute by Mandy
19th January 2006

  It takes a long time for the pain to go try and focus on the good times its hard I know. Such a wonderful looking friend. P
  Tribute by PK
7th December 2005

  It's hard to believe that 6 months have passed sice you had to go away & i still miss you every single day. I can't wait for the day when we are eternally together again. Love, hugs & kisses bubs. Mum & Buster xxxxxx
  Tribute by Mandy James
21st November 2005

  My beloved "Titch" was sent to heaven after 15 glorious years with me. She came into this world the runt of the litter & when our eyes met for the first time we were to be eternally joined. She was my rock, my best friend, my soul mate and according to my partner she was my partner in crime. We were inseperable for 15 years & were totally devoted to one another. She knew where i was even when she couldn't see me & she was my guardian angel. She'll live on in my heart always.
  Tribute by Mandy James
2nd June 2005

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