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Gates of Remembrance provides you the opportunity to create an online memorial to celebrate the life of someone who has made a difference to your life and perhaps many others throughout the world. You can create a permanent memorial by composing a unique tribute for family members, pets, victims of war, disaster victims or a famous person who has influenced you.

Visitors can light a memorial candle For Free! and leave a message of condolence, or simply read other people's tributes. Unlike most physical reminders to the dead you can put all your personal memories that made the person or pet special to you. Your memories and photographs of family, friends, colleagues, pets, heros and heroines will provide an everlasting, permanent memorial that can be accessed by anybody, worldwide, at any time.

Newest Memorial Features:
Life Story: We have updated the life story section of your tributes, you can add stories and events by date on seperate pages pretty much like a diary of their lifes.
Timeline: The tribute timeline now allows you to add family members, pretty much like a family tree. You can even add extra information about each member on the timeline.

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